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I’m an 18-year-old girl named Olivia Nelligan, I was raised and currently live in a small town in Missouri. My current professions are horse trainer, and pet photographer – both of which I work hard to excel at. I am married, yes married at 18, to a wonderful man named Ryan Nelligan – we’ve been married since April 25, 2009. My biggest passion is horses, always has been, I’ve dedicated my life to the equine industry and for it I’ve had some of the biggest thrills and downfalls but in the end have been satisfied in where I have ended up. My equine passion started out like most little girls, I was mesmerized by the mysterious beauty of the horse, and always pestered my parents for a pony. However, since we weren’t financial well off I had to settle for pony rides whenever I could get them. When I turned six-years-old I was excited to know that my grandmother had signed me up for actual horseback riding lessons, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. My riding skills are diverse with a wide array of riding disciplines under my belt from dressage to reining, I’ve made sure to explore the world of horses to better myself in the knowledge of being a good rider. I’ve had my share of horse breeds too, and have never met a horse that I wouldn’t get on the back of – mind that it might be bravery and a bit of stupidity, but it has gotten me far. Right now I own a beautiful 2009 grullo Paint stud colt named Romeo, he is certainly an amazing guy! Then there is my beautiful 2008 Palomino Overo Paint filly Juliet, they are both amazing horses.

I just recently got my OWN dog.

I adopted Puck on July 19, 2009, a Sunday, from Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, MO. I had been looking to adopt a dog for awhile now, as I had done tons of fostering and felt my husband and I were ready for the commitment. We searched through shelters all throughout the Kansas City, MO area and had attended a lot of mobile events – I finally decided it was time we visited Wayside Waifs. My husband and I arrived on Saturday, July 18, to look and browse through dogs. We went up and down each aisle and I wrote down the name of several beautiful dogs that seemed to fit what I “wanted.” I finally came to the last aisle, in fact almost missing Tobi (now named Puck), the first time because he was on the other side of his pen. However, right as I was about to walk away he bounced up to the front of the kennel and snagged my attention. Now, he was adorable with his two big ears and beautiful mismatched eyes – but he hardly fit any qualifications that I was looking for in a dog, and I didn’t honestly want a puppy. However, something drew me to him and I wrote him down on my list of dogs to “look at.”

I viewed Tobi first, they told me all about how he was deaf and how he might go blind in the future – but to be honest, it didn’t matter to me if he had blind, deaf, dumb, or even missing limbs I was there looking for a dog based on personality and was willing to work with any “quirks” that dog might have. I was still unsure, so I passed on him and by the end of the other visits decided that it was time to go. We went home and that night I sat on the Wayside Waifs website and stared at Tobi’s pictures, reread his description and that night I dreamed about him. The next day, Sunday, we went back out to shelter hop hoping to find the dog to fit our lifestyle. However, in the back of my mind Tobi kept popping up and I felt that we should go back to Wayside Waifs to look around. Once again, I looked at several other dogs and once again I was drawn back to the adorable little boy. Something just clicked, and after a lot of discussion and debate I decided that Tobi was the one for me! My husband and I adopted him, and brought him home with us that day. The staff was so nice and helpful, and worked with us to make sure we got everything we needed to take care of him.

Tobi is now named Puck, he is my wonderful little deaf boy who is the brightness in my day – he has been quick to learn, and has had no accidents in the house. He slept with us in our bed the night we brought him home, and he has done nothing but show us what it means to love. Tobi has taught me patience, courage, and I’ve learned that what you “want” in a dog and what you “need” aren’t always going to be the same thing.

If you read all of that, give yourself a cookie :D

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