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When we first picked up Moxie we had a 20 hour drive back to our home on Magnetic Island here in Australia. I didn't know what to expect having such a new puppy in the car with us for that long. We split the drive up into 3 long days and honestly she was a dream. She never urinated or went potty in the back seat, she enjoyed the drive with multiple stops for walks, and was extremely calm. Unfortunately that did not last long when we got her back home....

After completely ruining our bedroom carpet we knew it was time for a change. I wanted to figure out how to crate train her so she had a safe place to go, and also so we had a safe place to put her so she did not urinate on everything when we were not looking! About 4 months later I can say we successfully have an amazing dog that only goes potty on the fake grass we have on our apartment balcony, and outside on her two beach walks per day.

If you're a new puppy parent like we were and are a little worried about what to do, check out what we used to train moxie Here

I'm available for any questions about the entire process just post below!

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