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Mr. Jerry is around 130 lb with very dense fur (he's a mix, I think primarily Chow, husky, German Shepherd?).

I brush him almost daily and always have mounds of hair - his skin (especially in the summer but year round) gets very waxy and leaves white residue on your hands when you pet him.

Giving him a bath only helps for a few days (he is also not a big fan), dry shampoo (corn starch and baking soda) gets stuck in his fur and falls out in clumps... Does anybody have a suggestion to help with the boys greasy skin?

I don't believe it's irritating to him - he doesn't itch very often - he was a wildlife rescue and I was told that his waxy fur would lessen after being inside for 6 month to a year but it's been 2 :LOL:, I've also looked into if his diet has anything to do with it and I don't believe it does.

Any solution or easement on this would save me hoursss of cleaning :love:
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