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Travel with your dog?

You're not alone. As regular readers know, I travel often with my dogs. Several times a year I'll load up the car or RV and we'll go to the mountains, the beach, or inland from San Diego. I enjoy my dogs' companionship and also love to watch their reactions to our adventures. For me, it enhances travel.

When I bought my RV a few years ago, the salesman said that half of all his sales were to dog owners who mentioned their dog (or dogs) when making their purchase.

Many surveys have been taken regarding traveling with dogs so I checked several of them out, including the AAA and Kurgo Pet Passenger Survey, the AAA and Best Western Survey, and the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) survey (United Kingdom). I also queried dog owners on social media for their traveling practices.

More Resources than Ever

Thanks to a variety of sources for travel information, traveling with dogs is easier today than it ever has been. The Fido Friendly magazine, and Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA PetBook are three references I use often in my travels. Fido Friendly lists pet friendly locations as well as numerous travel tips and other interesting pet information. The magazine is also available online and can be accessed from your phone. AAA's book lists 13,000 places to stay that welcome pets from hotels to campgrounds. The increase in traveling pets hasn't gone unnoticed. Many other publications, in print or online (such as, that target campers, RV-ers, and other travelers, also include pet information. Pet friendly hotel chains, including La Quinta, Best Western, and Motel 6, also promote themselves with pet owners.

Traveling By the Numbers

I have two dogs, both of whom travel with me. According to the NAWT survey, 30 percent of dog owners travel with two dogs while 52 percent bring one dog with them. About 11 percent bring three dogs and only 7 percent of dog owners bring more than three dogs. Granted, traveling with multiple dogs is more difficult, as my husband and I learned when we had four dogs. Many destinations (hotels and campgrounds) have limits on the number of dogs allowed; two being the most common limit. NAWT statistics show that 80 percent of dog owners in the UK secure the dog in some manner, although other surveys show that number is significantly lower in the U.S. My dogs travel in their crates, both in my car and in the RV. Crates are limiting, though, as the vehicle needs to be large enough for the crate while also leaving room for humans and luggage.

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