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Ferocious foxes and friendly foxes (a book review) | Stale Cheerios

not many ppl realize that for a long time, the USSR "didn't believe" in Mendelian genetics.
Politics overruled scientific data, & Lamarckian genetics - inheriting acquired traits - was the Party line. :eek:

If U cut off the tails of every dog B4 U breed them, they do not produce puppies... with pre-docked tails. :eyeroll:

So Balyaev was skating on very thin ice, when he began his genetics research - he justified it by saying that better coat colors & a less-stressed disposition would increase the profits from fur-farms, but it was still a high-risk endeavor.
Ppl in Soviet Russia were killed outright, or sent to Siberia or other prison labor camps to die slowly, for much less.

this is the story of the domesticated fox. :)
- terry

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