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Hello everyone! I'm new here :) my intro and my questions might seem a bit all over the place, forgive me but I really need the help.

I wanted some advice on how to introduce two new dogs to my dog. The new dogs in question are actually my dogs pups, my mom took them in at 6 months. They haven't seen each other since they left (they pups are two years old now) and my mom will be moving with us soon so the dogs will need to be reintroduced.
Important to note, my dog is a rescue, we've had for about 2.5 years. She was severely mistreated by her previous 'owners' (if I can even call them that :() and she is still recovering from the trauma today. She has had several litters back to back (we reckon she was used for a puppy mill) and she caught TVT when we took her in, she was at death's door but she survived and is thriving now. She has such an intense mistrust of men in general that she will automatically run and hide when she sees one. She has a love/fear relationship with my husband haha who is really trying to get her to trust him, but it's taking ages. I'm the only one she completely trusts. She also refuses to come inside, no matter how much we have tried, this poor dog has been conditioned to never enter a house. She is perfectly content with her sleeping spot though haha, it's sheltered, warm and dry. I won't force her into coming inside if it's going to cause her emotional strain. She's also petrified of leashes, I mean she completely panics, trembles, hyperventilates and it's heartbreaking to witness. I have tried once and just couldn't bear it so I haven't tried again. All this to say she's never been walked or leash trained and neither have the two pups (my mom's elderly that's why).

My mom's two are inside dogs, they've had the freedom of sleeping inside or outside as they wish since they were small, with a doggy door inside my mom's house. So she hasn't had to wake up and train them to potty.

Our challenge is as follows:
1. The introduction - how do we introduce two newcomers to my dog without it being traumatizing for my dog. She's not aggressive AT ALL, she never growls or anything. She's a very sweet girl, but she's extremely skittish.
2. The new sleeping arrangement. We want to kennel train the pups and get them used to sleeping in the same way as my dog. So no more sleeping inside. From their kennel space, which will be sheltered and dry, they can roam around and access the garden to potty.

Dunno if this helps to know but my mom's two have a history of occasionally fighting :( they get jealous and sometimes the triggers are really silly. I reckon it's from under-stimulation (lack play time with a human, brain training, walks etc) something we will work on the moment they move in.

Although not ideal, family and I have done with what we could with the means we've had :( this new chapter is a chance to make all the dogs happy.

Thanks everyone!
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