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How to introduce a pup to resident dog?

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Hi, I am new on here but have owned my rescue Siberian husky (Codie) for over 5 years now. She is 8 years old has 'selective' doggie friends.
I am looking for some advice as to the best way to introduce a puppy to our house hold this year.
Codie generally gets on dogs if we walk parallel for a bit then they slowly get to meet after some time walking together, she usually isn't bothered with interactions with other dogs as she much preferres to concentrate on her walks instead of the other dog.
The reason she has been known to be aggressive is because she has been attacked by loose dogs while on the lead several times so now she feels she has to have the first and last word.
We have succefully introduced her to a friends puppy last year who she gets on great with.

We are looking to get an Estrela Mountain Dog this year and would like advice as to the best way to introduce our dog with the new addition. I have read online about meeting in nuteral territory, but the puppy will not have had its 2nd vaccinations at this point.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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How does she get on with puppies? IME a lot of dog aggressive dogs will be OK with puppies and with adult dogs they meet as puppies and continue to be socialized with as they grow up. I had a Boston Terrier that was crazy dog aggressive, especially on leash, to the point that she would choke herself to get to other dogs, but she didn't really mind puppies and we were able to add a second dog (that we got as a puppy) without too much trouble.

We got the new dog from a shelter, so we had them meet there before we brought her home, and then had them in the living room with both on leash. When the older dog didn't seem to be tense/crazy focused on the puppy anymore we let the older dog off leash so she could interact with the puppy on her own terms. We kept them on limited interactions only when we could watch for quite some time, and though we had a few territorial disputes we never had any real problems.

I would start getting her around puppies so she gets used to puppy behavior. If you know anyone that has puppies you could ask them for help, maybe try bringing her to a shelter you know has puppies and letting her interact with them?

Personally, I would suggest using a friend's or perhaps (friendly) neighbor's yard that she doesn't often go to for a first meeting place. Really though, I have found even territorial dogs are less threatened by puppies.
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