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Hello everyone!

I know the thread title is kind of bad, but I was having trouble finding something short and better to the point, so my apologies there!

Also sorry for the long text; I suck at keeping things short.

For a year now I have my dog here and nearly everything is going really well and I am proud of him.
Sure, there are a couple of working sites left, but I will just bother the forum for additional ideas to what I am doing/ trying already.
Since I am aware, that I didn't try a few things an awful lot, it's also okay, that they're not great yet.
My own fault, unfortunately.

Now, to one of my problems.
I also have two cats; love them to bits.
Revan... sort of, actually.

I have a tomcat called "Giles" and a girl named "Radek" (yes, I know, not a girls name, she doesn't care though ;) ).

So, when Giles walks around Revan is more or less relaxed.
Sometimes he tries to "chase" him; not in a mean way, but to play.
Problem is - Giles, of course, doesn't really like it.

On the other hand: When Giles' sits in the doorway, Revan wouldn't pass him; instead he would bark in a very wailing way.
Giles doesn't care.

At times Revan just lies on front of the couch and hardly reacts to Giles coming in, resulting in the cat sitting rather close to him.

That's when I usually praise him, sometimes click and snack, a pat... anything positive.
And it already *did* work a bit already, because he would just lay down and not get up.

Problem is: Once Giles jumps upon the couch, Revan would come after him right away - resulting in Giles running away.
He doesn't do anything to the cat, just jumps quickly up too; seems like he gets a bit jealous there, because I could pet the cat instead of him; which is pretty much what I *do* want to do!

Giles isn't really scared of him, I think.
When I feed them, Giles waits right next of the kitchen door until I enter, and there it happens that Revan nudges him, resulting in Giles going away, yes, but not being impressed.
At times, Giles would slap at Revan (without claws apparently, as I never found a scratch at his nose).

With Radek it's a bit more complicated.
They had a couple of "fights", because she would run away quicker, but she also is the one, that can make him stop flat in his tracks.

What I am doing so far: I'm clicking them to be awesome. As mentioned above: It made it better already, I just want it to be... even more better(?).

What I am planning to do: I have a baby gate at the kitchen door, so he doesn't go inside.
He could jump over it, yes, but he doesn't.
He respects it as "nope".
So I'm thinking of getting another gate for between living room and bedroom.
Obviously it would stop him from getting in the bedroom (or vice versa) but that's not what I hope to achieve with it.
I hope, that this might be a way, to get the cats more comfortable in the bedroom again, hence walking around there more often - followed by clicks and snacks for Revan, everytime he sees them and just looks.

Ultimate goal being, everyone can walk around, without getting disturbed, scared or anything.

Earlier today, Revan was half inside the kitchen, and Giles would just sniff at his head, not being insecure in the slightest.
Revan would just let him and mostly ignored him.

That's sort of where I want to go.
I don't need them to love each other.
Sure, that'd be awesome, but I also settle with mostly ignoring each other and sharing the couch; the cats being allowed again to sleep with me/ us on the couch.

Maybe (still not sure) a second dog might move in, in September, so it would be even more important to have them be more relaxed around each other.
(First thing, in case he comes, would be that he *never* gets the chance to chase them even a little, but I'm also aware, that he will see Revan doing it and therefore think: "ooooh, fun!")

Plus: I want the cats to move freely and happily everywhere.
They were here earlier and are the boss here.
I mean - I am happy to be allowed to use everything, and I really don't want to get these revoked ;)

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Usually not something I do, but I will do so twice anyway.


No one any ideas whatsoever?

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Hi :)

Unfortunately I have no other suggestions for you...we have a 5 year old cat and our puppy has been with us 3 months and even though they never fight or growl/hiss at each other, Nova (puppy) just cannot leave Sunny alone (cat) in the room. She will whine and try to get to Sunny and nudge her and try and play. Even when Nova is tired, she gets super excited to see Sunny. When we're outside it is much better, but inside the house, it's tough, because Sunny just wants to sleep and get cuddles and Nova is super curious and wants to lick her fur and sniff her right up in her face... also thinking of what can help us to improve their relationship, meaning Nova just being able to ignore her.

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Funny thing, that helped here a bit: Mice!

I got seven mice from a friend of mine, who, for the moment, live in a terrarium placed on my living room table.

Suddenly even girl comes more regularly into the living room. She sits next to the terrarium or even lies below the table.
Revan ignores her a lot more then before and the cat is more relaxed.

She still moves very quick to leave the room, so I need to distract Revan a little when she does that.

I also got a second baby gate.
Which still isn't installed, for two reasons:
1. I need to get a part removed, so the cats can just walk through it (my girl isn't much for jumping, considering she's a cat).
2. At the moment it's really hot here; so essentially the cats lie in the bedroom, the dog in the living room - roughly a meter away from each other.
Or in similar positions.

I *will* install it anyway, so both parties have a bigger security blanket.

But it still gets better and better, step by step.
Considering that he is here for more then a year, it's still working slow though.

Two days ago, when I was petting one of the cats, she didn't look into the direction of the dog, therefore allowing him to sniff and even lick slighty at her behind.
I was actually very proud of both of them :eek::)
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