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My dog is ten, and he does nothing the whole day. I'm trying to get him to like me, but it's hard because he isn't interested in doing anything. He only feels like doing things with my dad but even then he's very sluggish. He doesn't really like to be trained and barely enjoy walks. He pretty much never plays without food. I never thought a dog could be this boring. How do I get a dog that isn't interested in anything to like me? I think the reason why he's so sluggish is because he was ignored a lot for the last couple of months. How do I get him to become more active? I also want to point out that my dog is small he still has a while to live.
Wow. Talk about lack of empathy!

He might be a 10y/o small breed, but he could still be sick or even dying, but all you care about is how “boring” he is.

Have you or your dad taken him to the vet to rule out any medical conditions? Have you considered that he could be in pain with arthritis? Have you thought even for a second that he could have dementia? Or depressed?

It’s not just about you and how much your dog likes you. Being 10 doesn’t mean he’s not sick or dying - regardless of how small he is.

Get the dog to the vet, and try imagining how your dog feels, instead of how “boring” you find him.
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