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There are various dog collars. When you go to the pet store and see a dazzling array of dog collars, do you hesitate for a while, how to choose a dog collar?

We need to know that as an auxiliary tool, the dog collar will like it if you pick it right. If the dog doesn't like it, you will be unhappy and feel pressured. Therefore, the choice of collar has become very important, so how to choose a suitable one for your dog?

From the owner’s point of view, buying a collar will feel that it’s for a cute dog. I think this collar should look good for dogs. I’m satisfied with it. In fact, this is wrong because you didn’t think about it. Dogs feel.

The necks of dogs of medium size and above will increase with age, and the thickness will also change. Therefore, it is not only necessary to choose from the appearance, but how important it is to choose a suitable collar. If the dog wears an inappropriate collar all the time, it will make the dog feel oppressed and generate pressure, and it will also affect our dog education.

Dog collars can be roughly divided into 6 types: [leather collar] [buckle collar] [chain collar] [back strap collar] [rivet collar] [deworming collars]. Master the characteristics of each collar and choose the one that suits your dog

1. The most common type of leash collar is ok for any dog. Because of its better durability, it is especially recommended for dogs with strong strength and medium-sized dogs. Leather is the mainstream, and the structure is the same as human belts. Even if the dog grows, it can be adjusted to a suitable size by opening a hole, which is also the main point of a leash collar. However, because leather has the disadvantage of water, it is necessary to dry it after a walk in the rain. if this leather collar is waterproof, there is no need to worry about this problem.

2. Buckle collar is recommended for small dogs. Because the price is relatively cheap, it is also more suitable to raise a fast-growing puppy. The material is made of cloth, and there seems to be a lot of plastic in the place to be fixed. Because there are many materials, there are many choices. The disadvantage is that the plastic part is easily damaged.

3. The chain collar is suitable for strong dogs or large dogs. The metal chain collar does not feel tight, like a necklace for a dog. It is generally used to be tied to a dog with a habit of pulling, and it is best to receive professional coach guidance when using it. Because it is cold and heavy, there are many dogs that are difficult to get used to. Try to dress your dog before buying.

4. Back strap collars are mostly used for small dogs. Strap collars have a cute and unique style, which is a bit like dressing dogs. Basically, many owners will buy this one. The advantage of the strap collar is that it has good endurance and is not easy to cause physical damage to the dog. It is still a relatively good choice.

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5. Rivet collars are similar to leather collars, some nails have been added, and the material is basically leather and nylon. rivet collars look more domineering and are suitable for dogs that look fierce. The nails of this type of collar are also designed to prevent the dog from breaking free. Some owners may think this is a decorative effect, but it is not the case.

6. Deworming collars. Collars like this are more common in cat collars, but deworming collars for dogs are actually relatively rare. As the name suggests, this kind of collar is used to repel bugs on the dog's body, such as parasites and other bugs that rest on the surface of the dog's body. It is a more practical collar with strong functionality.

It is really important to choose a suitable dog collar. I hope this article can help you and make it easier for you to choose a dog collar
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