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Are you pet’s eyes healthy?

You don’t like eye boogers or bumping around the house without your glasses. Don’t you think your dog or cat feels the same way?
While you can’t order a pair of specs for your pooch, these seven steps will help you protect your pet’s vision, even if it’s already waning, and prevent future infection.
Add vision-boosting foods to her diet.

Broccoli, blueberries, carrots, salmon, eggs, and sweet potatoes all contain eye-worthy components. Broccoli is recognized as one of the best veggies for eye-health and has anti-cancer benefits, while sweet potatoes prevent macular degeneration.
So while you’re cooking, toss a few of these ingredients into your pet’s dish. Plus, they’re yummy!
Visit your primary vet for regular check ups.

If your pet is squinting, it could mean an irritant, such as grass, is in his eye. But it could also be the first symptom of ocular cancer.
Always consult your vet about any eye issues your pet is having, and take your pet in for annual or bi-annual check-ups.
Your vet will look for several signs of poor eye health, such as discharge, redness, tear-stained fur, cloudiness, change in eye color, and unequal pupil size.
Teach your pet to memorize the house through smell.

You can prepare your pet for vision loss by teaching her to associate safe spots and dangerous areas with aroma (Tip: even if you pet’s eyes have a clean bill of health, this is a fun nose-game your dog can learn).
Drop vanilla near her food and water bowls, on the inside and outside of doorways, and at the top and bottom of stairs. Use a bitter apple smell on stoves, fireplaces, and other areas you want your pet to avoid.
You can also place a different fragrant dispenser in each room so your pet can identify which room she’s in by the specific aroma.

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