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How often does every one here wash their dog's bed?

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Hello! (hope this is the right area to ask this) As an owner who does not bathe my dog regularly (maybe twice a year) and only wipes her down if, say, we had gone to the beach (if she goes in the water however I will bathe her) or hiking (or if she's feeling particularly greasy), it is important to me all the more to keep her bedding (which is in my room right beside my bed) ideally clean.

Plus, I always considered the frequency of washing her bed to just be ideal/average (especially as we take long walks and are active outdoors). I admit, I am personally as well, just someone who is on top of cleaning my home too, probably more than the average.

I wash it once a week, but apparently, a lot of other owners from another online forum, said they go from anywhere to a month, or even just a few times a year, before they wash theirs. So they were all saying I am being excessive therefore. So I am curious, how often do you all wash your dog(s) bed?
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I do every couple months, depending on how dirty they get. I don't more often so I don't wear them out.
It depends on the dog and the bed. I have 12 beds. I wash them when they are visibly dirty or smell. Two of my dogs have accidents almost daily, so their beds get washed daily. The beds that my two youngest use, have probably been washed once in the last 8 months.

All my dogs have long fur and the beds are magnets for that, so I brush the beds 2-3 times a week.

Beds that have a removable cover are much easier to keep clean than a bed that doesn't have a removable cover. The batting bunches up from the washer and they wear down. I've gotten rid of all my 1-piece beds and bought beds that have a waterproof, removable cover.

I also have a few of the raised mesh beds, I just hose those down if needed.
my dogs love to take chews to bed, so they end up stinking faster.
so as needed turns into once or twice a week
I use baby crib sheets to cover my dog beds and change them every couple of days.
My hounds coat is oily and collects dirt so it helps keep things cleaner. I got them for $1.50 at the goodwill.
Only bed he has is in the kennel, rarely need to wash it. The blanket on the bed gets swapped out and washed every couple of days, mostly due to eating raw bones in the kennel.
once or twice a week I wash the covers off the beds but the bed itself has a bin bag over it and I put the covers over it .
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