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One of my dogs is on a raw diet so he gets bones every day. He's about a 40 pound spaniel mix. I've given him oxtails, pork ribs, beef ribs, chicken drumsticks and thighs, pork chops, lamb chops. Things I don't give him are things I notice he doesn't seem to do well with, which so far has been pork shank bones (tho he managed to crack it open and eat the marrow) and neck bones, both beef and pork.

Anything my spaniel can't eat, I give to my labrador, she's a power chewer. She's not on raw but I give her meaty bones about 3 times a week. Oxtails, meaty neck bones, knuckle bones. She cut her gum once on a shank, so I don't get those anymore and I try to stay away from the knuckle bones cause they tend to have shank attached. Both my dogs, if they can't chew through something, they will abandon it.

I don't feed chicken much one, cause it's probably the dogs' least favorite and two, cause they're softer bones. Oxtails are much better for chewing, IMO.
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