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How NOT to train your dog

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I want to make it absolutely clear that you should NOT TRAIN using any method on this thread. I just thought it would be a funny (and sad, I know) thread to share bad training videos. If the mods think it will be too confusing to new members, feel free to alpha roll me.

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Yeah that vid had to be posted, that is just horrible. I can't believe that people think that's a good way to train.
The thing about the mouthing one is that the guy even admits that he has to "trick" the dog into mouthing him so he can show the example... Talk about a great way to ruin the dog's trust in you.
That guy has to be messed up in the head, I mean that's like me taking a piece of candy and handing it to my 2 yr. old and then smacking him for taking it so that he learns to not take candy. :mad:
Here's one I know has been posted before but it needs to be here too.

I love that video esme, but I don't see whats wrong with it? I like to push breeze around and yell at her when we tug lol it gets her really excited!
Oh no, I meant that most people don't do that kind of thing to teach the dog to have more drive, they do it cause they have no idea how to correctly train their dog and they actually do get mad and hit the dog out of anger. Which IMO is different from doing it as a game to desensitize a dog to that sort of thing.
I really wish I didn't watch those, it made my stomach turn. Those dogs are terrified and throwing calming signal after calming signal and this freaking idiot is saying "oh she being defiant and just doesn't want to do the work" I wish I could pinch him and shove a stick in his mouth. And then shock him with a collar and see how he how he likes it. :mad:
In don't get why people would actually post videos of themselves doing a bad job at training their dogs? What is there to gain?
I don't think they realize its bad :/
You have a point there.
Hmm..okay makes sense now. :(
I do have to say that atleast the guy in the last vid. realized what he was doing wasn't working and found a positive way to deal with the RG. I guess it just took him getting bit to get there. :rolleyes:
Sad. :( I think the only real aversive (more of an interrupter) I use right now is clapping my hands 3x when Coconut is barking inside b/c it's the only thing that makes her stop when she gets going. We need to train a positive interrupter...
Here's a video I just fond that you might find useful, although you might have seen it already ;)
Uh NO, it's not just you. ;)
Def. Not the dog.
I like that story :)
1 - 14 of 105 Posts
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