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How NOT to train your dog

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I want to make it absolutely clear that you should NOT TRAIN using any method on this thread. I just thought it would be a funny (and sad, I know) thread to share bad training videos. If the mods think it will be too confusing to new members, feel free to alpha roll me.

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I was wondering too, at first I though you ment the salad man but realized he isn't a company.. or is he? I saw a bunch of "salad grooming" stuff for sale at a new shop in our town :mad: they advertise him too much and overprice everything.
Like puppy punchers? :(
it is so evil it cannot be named?
A correction with the prong collar needs to be done at the right time otherwise it's cruel...
Ya... like never if possible.
Isn't she an awesome trainer? and she\s just showing what bad trainer do?
she knows I don't put pressure when she come into a certain safety zone radius around me
Ya, because if ya did she'd bite your face off :mad: did you unfriend him? is that even possible?
Ha, I need to friend you :p What, I have like, one video?
doG, my mom actually asked if I had a headache because of the way I was acting.

No duh theres a magnet under the carpet, you keep treating her when she sits like that and not when she's beside you.... ugh...
I don't think that'll work, they'll just get all defensive...ect... and blame the dog even more...
Ya - what are you gonna do when you're out walking your dog off-leash and he realizes you can't hurt him when he doesn't come running to you, eh?

Found another video from the puppy puncher idiot.

If we correct in the moment we establish our dominance like dogs would in the wild...
Dogs don't live in the wild unless they were dumped there...

Roll them over on their side. When they expose their stomach they are exposing their submission to you...
No, YOU, are FORCING the dog into that possition, they aren't being submissive, a submissive dog will do this on their own terms - not by being forced...
1 - 13 of 105 Posts
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