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How NOT to train your dog

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I want to make it absolutely clear that you should NOT TRAIN using any method on this thread. I just thought it would be a funny (and sad, I know) thread to share bad training videos. If the mods think it will be too confusing to new members, feel free to alpha roll me.

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OMG, "He's already had some obedience training." He obviously doesn't know a sit. And the pinching toes thing - ouch!

The only good thing about the one I posted was that most of the people who commented realized how stupid it was to stick your fingers in a puppy's mouth, then punch them. The first time I watched it, I was not expecting that kind of training at all.

I hadn't seen the poo one. How funny and awful.
Two words. Both start with 2nd letter of alphabet.
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Like puppy punchers? :(
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I'm not saying anything else. :D
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Don't look in the mirror & say it. :p search engines
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Yeah, I found that first one totally on accident a month ago.
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:rofl: That's how a lot of people train. I like how Scooter was acting like he wanted to play the whole time.
That was sad to watch the dog's face flinch when she corrected him. :(

I found one last night that had some guy holding his RG dog down by the neck (he ended up getting bit). It was really awful.
Isn't she an awesome trainer? and she\s just showing what bad trainer do?
Yeah, I think so. Her dog has been CCed to enjoy the light hitting. She's just demoing a bad dog owner. ;)
Here's the one I saw yesterday. This one is pretty bad. The guy turned off comments on it b/c apparently people were telling him what an idiot he was. The sad thing is he pretty much only needed to do NILIF since that's what worked, none of the other crap that got him bit.

Sad. :( I think the only real aversive (more of an interrupter) I use right now is clapping my hands 3x when Coconut is barking inside b/c it's the only thing that makes her stop when she gets going. We need to train a positive interrupter...
Thanks, Esme, that's the one we plan to use. :)
This one was annoying. He keeps telling the dog to "go play" so that he can turn on the e-collar and call him back. The dog doesn't want to leave his side because he's already learned that means pain. I'm not even sure why people think this is a good way to train a dog.

I like how at one point the woman with the camera calls the dog to that the guy can turn on the ecollar and train a recall...kind of defeats the purpose.
I'm sorry, medill, I'm sure you love your dog very much but everything you wrote proves the point of this thread. The below in particular.

I paid well over 150 for the collar and it somewhat helped.
Also has a thing for cat crap no matter how much he gets shocked he will sneak behind ur back like a teenager and eat it.
That being said my dog loves me and knows im alpha and you don't disrespect me and we will be best of friends. As of dogs when they cower down when u stick ur hand up. Its like reflex I guess. Or maybe my ex was hitting my dog when doing something wrong cause he cowers down at me looking all sad. I've smacked his butt a few times.and he don't show any different feelings towards me.
Cowering is not a reflex. Do you have a video of how not to train to stick to the topic, or did you want to keep arguing in favor of the shock collar?
Don't blame SH, he's old and behind the times.
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