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How NOT to train your dog

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I want to make it absolutely clear that you should NOT TRAIN using any method on this thread. I just thought it would be a funny (and sad, I know) thread to share bad training videos. If the mods think it will be too confusing to new members, feel free to alpha roll me.

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im at a loss...when I find bad videos, I know they are bad...but I can't think of any of the top of my head besides the force fetch one..

oh and anything by a certain company that is probably sue happy so Im not going there...

there's several. ;) easy to find if you look, big advertising budgets.

I was wondering too, at first I though you ment the salad man but realized he isn't a company.. or is he? I saw a bunch of "salad grooming" stuff for sale at a new shop in our town :mad: they advertise him too much and overprice everything.

oh there are far greater evils in this world than the salad.

lets get back to videos :) I keep finding ok ones...seems like most of the bad ones on YT are buried a bit..

this video should be titled "how to create a robot"

indeed :)

basically, you're causing pain when the dog approaches another in a friendly way. So now, other dog=pain.

this can go down two paths...maybe three

wow, ask and ye shall recieve, this user just "friended" me on YT. they obviously didn't watch my vids

this dog looks sooo shutdown. Poster child really.

at least the guy recognizes that shes frightened. Just doesn't seem to mind it.

Ya, because if ya did she'd bite your face off :mad: did you unfriend him? is that even possible?

no I just didn't accept his request. :) I get "friended" by alot of these types looking to make a buck selling their snake oil.

ok, heres a more subtle example

see how frustrated she is with this dog? see how confused the dog is?

she also keeps saying the cue when the dog has no idea wtf she wants.

this is training with a clicker, not clicker training. This vid is bad, it makes me cringe

If I honestly spent the 15 minutes a day training Deedee to retrieve, she'd be done by now. Though we're going slow. And Deedee is a dog with as much natural retrieving in her as a brick. Honestly I taught her to take the ball in the same amount of time as that guy taught the lab. Difference is I had treats and a clicker, didn't need to hold my dog into place, and she was wagging her tail and play bowing the whole time. And yes, sometimes instead she will put her paws on me. Not because she's a quitter. Because she wants to explore my mouth with her nose, and every paw on my body is one step closer to it. Of course it's probably just dominance or something, so I body slam her to the ground and scream in her face not to touch me...

Hmm I thought I was bad when i started with the clicker...
yeah, I kinda laughed when he said two weeks...Chili was retrieving from 5 feet away in about 5-7 days...granted its not the fancy, robotic retrieve, but I wasn't selecting for that...

doG, my mom actually asked if I had a headache because of the way I was acting.

No duh theres a magnet under the carpet, you keep treating her when she sits like that and not when she's beside you.... ugh...
I first saw that like a year ago, it took everything in me not to comment...

In don't get why people would actually post videos of themselves doing a bad job at training their dogs? What is there to gain?

people think its the dog. If you listen to her comments you can tell she blames the dog, or the cat, or som'thing, but certainly not her crappy method.

Ah good. So it was nothing personal :p
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dear Mr. Ecollar man.

I can't see the dog because you've plastered your ad obnoxiously across the video.

in the couple of glimpses I did get, your dog looked terrified.

Ya - what are you gonna do when you're out walking your dog off-leash and he realizes you can't hurt him when he doesn't come running to you, eh?

There are ways to keep a dog from becoming collar savy...and IMO they are way more effort than jamming a piece of chicken in a dogs mouth when it recalls... maybe its just me tho...:rolleyes:

that dogs is like "quit petting my head".

wow that dogs "down stay" blows.

well certainly som'one is retarded...probably not the dog.

All those issues are modifyable with PR and a different mindset. If you would like help please start a new thread. Thanks :)
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Intrisic is genes mostly imo which is why im such an advocate of adopting ADULT dogs

That said. Both types respond to behavior modification. It just takes a little more time and skill. Depending on what it is. You can teach a leave it in ten mins and eating that food is som' thing a dog is very wired to do :)
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