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Hello fellow animal lovers!!

My name is Alana, and I am an owner of one beautiful Pekingese-Pomeranian named Kai. If a lot of you are like me and love to keep things organized, then you are probably going crazy trying to organize all the vet files, dates for next appointments, flavors of the last food you bought, your puppy’s favourite treats, etc. When I first got Kai (he was my first puppy), I stored all his vaccine records, grooming appointments, food and treat flavors, and all other info about him on a word document on my laptop. To my surprise, my laptop crashed and everything disappeared. I wanted to find a better way to keep track of everything for Kai- forever.

Then I stumbled upon Itemopia. When I heard about the app, I thought I would try it out for tracking everything for Kai. The app is completely free and it has no ads (which is a plus, I hate ads)! I make confidential info private, but I keep most of it public. It’s your choice.

Now I use Itemtopia to track everything else (my car, house, laptop, phone, etc). I thought I would share this app with all you fellow animal lovers so you can all keep track of your animals like I do. I love it! Here's the app video:

I also attached screenshots of Kai's profile.

Best wishes,



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