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how do i know its time to clean my dogs ears?

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at our Las vet visit she said his ears were okay but a little dirty, and I don't need to clean them just yet.but I have a feeling I shouldnt just wait until our next visit for the vet to say I should have already done it.

I've never had to do this with Dexter but Amo has those big German shepherd ears. I can see a small amount of stuff there. I also have no idea HOW to clean them, but I can always call the vet. I'm afraid to make it worse by going in too far or doing it too often
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I would start out cleaning the ears once every two weeks and if you don't see that the ears are staying clean then do it once a week. You squeeze the ear cleaner/flush into their ear canal and rub their ear canal gently. They will usually shake after this. (Watch out for flying gunk) Then take a paper towel and Q-tip and wipe out what you can. The rule of thumb for using a Q-tip is only go as far deep as you can see the Q-tip.
Also, if the dogs ear becomes irritated and stays a bright red, you can rub neosporine (antibiotic cream) on the inside of the ear flap (only a slight amount). And clean the ears once every three weeks. Hope this helps!
Thank you! That does help
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