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How do I get my dog used to changes?

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I have a three and a half year old shar pei mix. She's a great dog, very well behaved and generally easy going. However, for whatever reason, she has really bad problems with changes. I'd compare her to Raymond off of Rain Man.

She doesn't like sleeping out of her cage, she knows when you're trying to get her outside, she'll think you're baiting her to do something even when you're not, she has a certain way she likes to lay and if she can't do it she'll move around and get up and down over and over until it's available, she's just very particular.

I'm going to be moving soon, and I'd like to get her used to staying and sleeping in a room with me. I've tried several times, but I either give in or suffer through. I've tried keeping her in my room, with me in my room, and she kept moving around and standing in front of the door. I've tried moving her crate, which she goes to or searches for the minute you tell her "let's go to bed", into my room with me in the room as well. I thought if I put her in the crate, since that's what she's used to, she'd be calmer. She broke out of the crate, and after a few hours of restlessness she went to sleep on my bed. (Which truthfully is fine with me, I'd just like to skip the three hours before her giving up).

What do you suggest I do to get her used to this? I want to be forceful about it I guess, but I don't want to distress her as I know a move will be a big enough change as well. (Seeing as she won't have her two house mates anymore, or be around my parents.)
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I wouldn't try to force her. Put her crate in your room when you move but don't shut the door. You may have to endure the hours of wanting out of the room until she settles. She may be fine in your new room, in her crate, in the new location.

Do you do any training with her? Sometimes a dog with these sort of behaviors benefits from some structured training. Using positive reinforcement only.
I'll try that, I was just hoping for something I could try before I move. If I do it now, she won't stay in my room because she'll have someone in the living room until 2am, and the other dogs.

She passed puppy training and an intermediate training course, but it has been a while. I still implement many of the things she learned.
Hopefully without the enticement of someone in the other room and the other dogs, she'll be more willing to stay in your room.

Have you tried giving her a kong stuffed with something yummy? Does she like to play tug or enjoy interactive puzzle toys? I'd try and think of ways to make staying in the room with you more fun than the other room.

Doing ten or fifteen minutes of training every day is something I like to try and do with my dogs. Sometimes I just do simple drills on sit, here and heel. Sometimes I do some trick training. They really seem to settle down afterwards.
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