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Not sure if this should go someplace else so pls feel free to move it to the appropriate category.

Mia was spayed last friday and so far her recovery seems to be going smoothly. The stitches look good and she hasn't tried to lick it...yet. haha

What I'm having real difficulty with is keeping her entertained! She's not allowed to run, jump, play etc for 14 days so I can't take her to the beach, play fetch or even play tug of war.

Right now what we've been doing is going for more frequent short walks with some obedience/leash training.

I've also been doing obedience training at home and teaching her new tricks.

Because we have such a regular schedule she is used to being taken to the beach every morning for an hour, 30 mins of fetch during lunch and beach for an hour in the evening or a trail walk. If I just walk her around my neighborhood once we get home, she will wait at the door until we go out to the beach. That is exactly what is happening right now. She keeps going to the door and stares at me like.. "uh...are we going to the beach or what??" so I'll let her out very quickly to see if she needs to potty and if she doesn't we go right back inside. 30 mins later...she'll go back to the door and wait. Again, I'll let her out, see if she needs to potty and we go right back inside. I am going INSANE. I can't get any work done! lol

How did you guys deal with a high energy puppy during their spay/neuter recovery?

Any fun tricks I should teach her? I'm running out of things.

She learned how to "speak" on command and balance treats on her nose in one day. I think the "speak" command was a bad idea because now if she's bored and wants something she'll sit there and bark at me. I'll ignore her and eventually she stops and looks for a toy to bring me (because she wants to play tug).

She can weave between my legs, knows all the basic commands. I hide treats around the apartment and she sniffs them out. She has interactive food toys, antler chew, himalayan yak chew.

What else can I do?
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