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Hi everyone...I have had my Saint Bernard a week now and I just wanted to share our daily routine...he is now 9 weeks here we go:

I get up at 5am for work and at that point I let him out to potty...I then bring him in for a drink...after he has finished his drink which is about a half cup of water we then go for a 20 min walk...he then goes back into his crate...I feel bad that he should probably get a little drink after the walk what do u think? I just don't want him peeing that's all...

Ok so then I come home on my 9am break and let him out for 5 mins to potty...then it's back in the crate...

I then come home at 11am for lunch and let him out to potty again...I then give him another half cup of water...we then take a 10 min walk and when we get back I feed him a cup of food...after that we go outside another few mins to potty if need be....then back in the crate

I then come home at 230 when I'm done with work and go out to potty...then it's play time and whatnot for the next few hours...

Then about 6pm he eats another cup of food and then we take another 20 min walk before bedtime which is about 9pm...

Throughout the night he whines once or twice to go out to potty then we pretty much repeat again at 5am

Anyways a couple questions I have

I was reading he really only needs like 2 cups of water a day? I only ask because he does still pee in his crate about once a day weather it be at night or throughout the day while I'm at work...I have him sectioned off in his crate so he only has enough room to turn around...I was just wondering what might be to little water and what might be to much and when and when not to give him it
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