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Bella is coughing like crazy today, The coughing started monday while she was eating and she has been doing it ever since, I took her to the vet on monday they said just throat irritation from the food, they gave us antibiotics and she was spayed as normal yesterday since vet said it was ok. I swear her lymph nodes are swollen there again I'm really paranoid because my last dog died of cancer after lymph nodes swelled and cough when she was just 3 years old and bella is only 5 months old. She had stopped coughing this morning but around 1 my dad sprayed cologne and she has been coughing almost non stop sense(unless she is asleep). How large should her lymph nodes n her neck be, how long should antibiotics take to clear up just simple throat irritation. Today makes the 4th day and it's worse instead of better. it almost sounds like a choking type of cough.
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