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Several years ago I inherited a small pom from some neighbors. He was about 9 years old when I got him, and was trained to a pee pad. (It was more convenient for them than taking him outside, I gather.) That wasn't a problem for me -- he's religious about using the pad, so I just continued to provide them. But when an older dog of mine passed away, I took in another rescue -- a two-year old medium-sized female. At first she was beautifully housetrained, but after a few months she decided that peeing indoors was cool with me. Unfortunately, she doesn't use the pads. I take both dogs for early morning walks at the crack of dawn, and regularly let them outside to during the day to do their business in the tree-filled back yard. The mini will go outside, run around and bark at squirrels, then come inside and pee on the pad; annoying, but bearable. My girl just leaves her presents for me everywhere -- mainly pee, but occasionally poop. What can I do???
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