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Housebroken before she got parvo

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I have 4 month old female German Shepherd she was completely potty trained till about a month ago when she got parvo .. she is completely healthy now and has a clean bill of heath but she refuses to go potty out side.. I take her out several times a day for 20 mins to a hour at a Time. I have even stopped her in the middle of pooping and take her outside and she will refuse to go I'm at my wits In and don't know what to do.


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Going potty is a vulnerable thing for pups, I get the feeling inside is more comfortable for them. My pup had bad diarrhea when she came home and had to be house bound for two weeks. She would go potty outside only if she had to after that. I'd start from scratch and try not to get to frustrated, big potty parties outside every time. The other thing that helped was sitting calmly outside getting treats every now'n'again, the more comfortable she felt outside the better it got.
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