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House training

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I’d love advice on how to fully house train a 2 yr old pug. For most of his life we took him out at least twice a day but also used a pee pad. He never got it down 100%., and had occasional accidents in the house not on the pad. We decided that the pad was confusing to him and maybe he’d do better if he only went outdoors. So we got rid of pad and we take him out 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm like clockwork. At night he sleeps in a crate and has no problems.
the problem is that even with taking him out 4x a day, he is still having frequent accidents. Sometimes just an hour or two after he’s gone out he’ll go again in the house. We give him treats when he goes outside but that doesn’t seem to be enough to get him to stop going in the house. Would love any advice!
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Your problem is that you are not just training him to go outside, you are also having to re-train him not to go inside; unfortunately that's what he has learned was acceptable until now.

If he is toileting within a couple of hours of being outside, take him out every hour. He may not have developed the muscle control to hold for longer (overnight, everything slows down and its different).

Make sure your reward is immediate and generous. It has to be immediate to be clear that it's for toileting and not for anything else and it has to be generous to make it worth his while to try to hold his toilet until he is outside.
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