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I've posted about my EXTREMELY hyperactive GSD/Lab mix before, but lately his behavior has gotten worse!
Rally is a 1 1/2 year old German Shepard/ Lab mix. He was abused as a small puppy (beaten, starved, etc.) He was rescued at 4 months and I've had him ever since. He as attacked at 6months by our old Lab/Rotti mix (who we no longer have) and has since then had a variety of completely appalling behavior.
He's always been a very hyperactive dog. He usually spends most of his days romping around the kennel, or hiking but lately, we haven't been able to enjoy any of our normal activities.
As soon as he comes out of his crate in the morning it begins. I can't have people over with Rally out because he'll jump up and almost knock teeth out. He scratches, completely freaks out if someone tries to pet him (including me!) He tries to dominate both of my other much LARGER dogs (aggressively) It'll start out with humping that turns into a full on fight. He's never bit the other two dogs, but he's roughed them up. He barks at everything; a leaf could blow by and he'd go nuts over it. He used to enjoy spending time with the other dogs in the kennel and playing, but now he tears HUGE holes in the kennel and breaks out. The other dogs are trained enough to stay, but Rally will break out and run around for 30+ minutes at a time. He barks, snarls and growls at everyone. I have honestly never seen this dog lay down or behave like a normal dog. He's constantly wound up and rough. He's torn holes in the walls, torn down 3 crates. He pops tennis balls. He's absolutely wild.
I want to take Rally to the new house with me, but the way he behaves is almost frightening. I'm afraid to leave him alone with Harley and Moto when I'm at work. Rally is the smaller of the 3 (Harley being 65lbs, Moto being 45lbs & Rally is 35lbs). I've tried teaching basic obedience but the only thing that has stuck is "sit". He gets walked on a control collar and a Rok Strap lead because he's broken my finger, twice, pulling me over, or getting me stuck in the retractable leash.
Has anyone had success training a dog like this? If so, what methods did you use? I do try to keep him busy at night time in his crate, kongs, rawhides, etc.

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There's a lot going on here and I'm definitely not going to cover everything. To me, it sounds like he needs more exercise and brain work. He sounds bored, which is why he's acting up and it would be increasingly worse. What do you do for exercise and training? Also, a lot of dogs can easily chew through tennis balls-mine does better with orange hockey balls but there's also chuckits and other types that are different types of rubber which are harder to break.

It doesn't sound like he's well behaved enough to be around the other dogs yet, and separation is likely your best bet so that none of them get hurt. I would recommend a metal crate that is enclosed on ALL sides and is stronger than the ones you have been using, and more time crate training so that the crate becomes a good place to be.

Also, basic obedience takes a lot more work than it sounds. It takes a long time to get a dog to understand what you want and it needs to be practiced consistently in order for it to stick. A lot of it isn't tricks-it's things to help you and your dog live together without there being any incidents, and to make life easier in some cases.

I'm not sure what type of control collar you mean-like a martingale collar? Also part of basic obedience is learning how to walk on a loose leash-any regular lead should work but retractable leashes are know to not be great for training.

My dog is pretty high energy as well, and if she doesn't get enough exercise then stuff gets chewed or she barks and expresses herself in other ways-because she gets bored. Management is the better option for this, because boredom is not something you can 'train' away-you need to keep doing the walks and runs, or playing fetch, or whatever it is that you found to work.

It takes a lot of work to train a dog and to understand why certain behaviors get triggered.
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