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Deaf since childhood, I read body language like none other and I truly love dogs. All six of them. All rescues. Any more and I'd code as a kennel.

Giving them chicken drumsticks (inexpensive I cook about 132 at a time...), steak (bought reduced price near "sell-by" date), lamb, turkey, and duck, along with their kibble, they're happy to slot me as the Alpha male. Great Two-Legged Dog Hunter, I. :)

With two opposable thumbs in trade for their waggable tails, I gleefully open the fridge and freezers for them. Yum!

When Onkey Donkey, our 17 year old, blind in both eyes from cataracts, with only two teeth, but with a great smeller for meat, but still able to run,... gets older, we'll spoon and syringe feed him. Love does that. And dogs deserve it.

If he's in pain, pain meds. No drugging a beloved friend to death if he still gets joy in life tagging behind the young 'uns. Two of us walk the six dogs; one walks five, the other walks Onkey Donkey.

We are, in a way, a deliriously happy family of eight dogs, six natural born and two honorary, one of whom has a Masters in Physics.

Yes, I'm crazy, but only my psychiatrist and drinking buddy knows for sure and even then, he's not certain. :)

I take you seriously, but myself not at all. Here's to YOU! :thumbsup:
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