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A homeless man named Steve Anthony and his dog River received a "Christmas Miracle" this week after River was struck and badly injured by a car.
Steve, who has terminal bone cancer, was working at a Christmas tree lot in Roseville, California, when River got hit. The driver did not stop but a car that followed after did and Jenifer Martin got out to help. She helped get River to Pet Emergency Center and gave what money she had in her wallet for River's care.
River sustained a fractured pelvis and was in bad shape. Knowing Steve would need help to care for his 9-month-old dog, Jennifer began networking on Facebook to help raise funds for them. The veterinarian hospital also contacted the Chester Foundation for help.
Within 48 hours, there was an outpouring of support that turned River and Anthony's fortunes around. Over $9000 was raised to cover River's medical expenses and recovery. He went in for surgery on Tuesday and is now resting comfortably.
Not only was there enough money to cover River's medical costs, but there was also enough left over to get Steve and River some much-needed temporary housing during River's recovery. Steve and River had been living in a cave for shelter and will be staying in a hotel for at least a week while River recovers.
Steve told KXTV, "If they hadn't saved him, I'd be gone to."
The Chester Foundation called people's generosity a "Christmas Miracle" and wrote, "Donations began pouring as the news spread of River and his owner’s heartbreaking story. River’s Dad has been overwhelmed by the generosity and outpouring of support."

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