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Holiday Observations

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Hey everyone! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday, and that you and your pooches got to spend some quality time together, and hopefully get some good toys.

We've just arrived back home from Christmas, and I am super exhausted. We have to drive about 7 hours to get back home, so it's a long time in the car. We decided to only go for a couple days (much to the dismay of my MIL) and I noticed a couple of things that made me sad.

1. Levi does not enjoy being back in Kingston. He seems nervous, anxious, and he paces, a lot. I think he gets nervous we are going to leave him there, and he just struggles to settle. He seems happy enough, and enjoys dog park, running around the backyard, and hanging out with the family, but he just seems a little bit..."off". It makes me sad.

2. My MIL has a very specific way of how dog's should behave, and it's very different from how they are expected to behave at our house. So I think they struggle, and she gets annoyed, which makes us annoyed, and it's just a vicious circle.

3. Heidi and my sister's female Dachshund do NOT seem to enjoy each other's company. Molly is a serious RG, and also seriously like to mount other dogs. (In fact she mounts the male Dachshund like crazy, poor Norman). Well, she attempted to mount Heidi, and Heidi let her know exactly what she thought about that. Since the initial snark, they seemed to have very little patience for each other. Molly seemed to try to antagonize Heidi, by say dropping her bone near Heidi, then growling when Heidi looked/smelled/licked it. So then Heidi would snap back.

I did notice, they never really touched each other with their mouths. Not even once. It was all noise, and ugly wrinkled faces. And Heidi was actually making noises while turning her head away, so I guess it was an angry/appeasement gesture? :p

4. I seriously hate the back and forth that happens. Load up the dogs, go to MIL. Load up the dogs go to my parents. Can't take the dogs to my Grandmothers, so need to make sure they're happy and tired.

Long story short, I'm glad the holidays are over. How did everyone else do? :)
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I am with you on that one.. just glad it is over with. My family get together was great; however, my girls got way to spooled with treats by my family members. They both love doing tricks but of course they all come with a treat. So everybody enjoyed seeing their cute tricks, which filled them with treats. We gotta get back out there and start running again. I got a running harness for Christmas and I am really excited to use it.
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We went to my aunt's for Christmas. She lives about an hour away, so we just left the dogs at home. It was actually a fun time - I got to see a cousin I hadn't seen in at least 8 years along with his family.

One of my other cousins brought her dog as she does every year; he's a Brittany and is absolutely awesome. Loves everyone. Loved the babies that were there this year.

Sorry your holiday was so stressful! But hopefully you're home now, and can relax. :)
Man, Every time you post I become more and more convinced that Forbes and Levi are long lost brothers. Forbes has the same problem with settling in new places. My parents only live 15 minutes away and when we go over there I find that it's almost impossible for him to settle. He is walk around non stop until he just doesn't have anymore energy. He seems happy enough to be getting extra attention, but he never can seem to relax.

Eh the holidays sound difficult. It's hard when In-laws have a thought on how the dogs should act, and it's different then the reality of how they actually act.
Per usual but more then ever because of mum leaving to move UK i stayed at parents place with Jessie. there was 4 dogs in total at parents since xmas eve! stayd till 28th day mum left which is when i went home. it was a special christmas with special gifts from brother and SIL and parents got me a daughter calendar with poems for each month to help me get by without mum i was in tears reading them.

It was a bit tricky opening SS gift with 4 dogs esp as cooper was in the way a few times. But decided to do it whilst quiet and just as i was reading the card my SS gave me you hear dogs go woof woof non stop as brother and SIL arrived so dad had to stop the video.

I think re dogs settling it depends on the dog and the age. cooper is 2 in march and he has trouble settling at parents and mine but yet Jessie who is 3 so settled. Though i remember when Jess was young she couldnt settle at all at parents driving us nuts. Its also if they feel comfortable enough to relax or not.

Sorry it was stressful. im glad mine wasnt(till night before she left) even if my mum is now in UK im glad
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We always stay here for Christmas because our family is across the country and hard to reach. This was Paige's first Christmas with us and she sniffed the presents and then laid down, happily, in the way when we were all moving around to hand things out and look at things. We had a leftover Santa Claus outfit from our dearly departed beagle, so we tried putting it on Paige. First off, when she realized she was wearing a hat, she clawed it off, so there went the hat. Then the body of the little coat wouldn't fit around her completely because she is wider than our beagle was, so there went the coat. We had a Santa weenie/lab dog for all of 5 minutes, hehe.

She wasn't too excited or jumpy, she was just happy there were people all around, and all having a good time, so she had a good time. During Christmas dinner, she laid down underneath the table to make sure we minded our manners, hehe.

Overall, I think it was a good Christmas for us. My mom did fall before Christmas, which was bad but she will be alright. She just mostly hurt her wrist. Paige has been trying to make her feel better by hiding under her blanket whenever she is under one. My sick guinea pig, thankfully, spent her last Christmas with us. I was so worried she would pass away right before, or on Christmas, but she waited until the 28th. Her, my other guinea pig, and Paige spent Christmas with our family, all together one last time.

I suppose I am lucky since nobody visits us during Christmas and it's just my parents and siblings, so we're all on the same page about our animals. I am sad about my guinea pig who just passed away though. The other guinea pig is depressed and lonely, and Paige keeps trying to lick her whenever I am keeping her company (I don't let Paige near her in case she gets a wild itch to snap, but I think she detects my guinea pig is sad). So, it's Paige at my feet, under the blanket, and my remaining guinea pig on my chest, with all 3 of us watching TV nowadays.

Edit: Oh yes, our lab Luke. He spent Christmas outside or in his kennel because he is too rambunctious to *not* knock over the tree/ornaments/presents/people/anything else his tail can hit. We did visit him often though to keep him company too. He gave me two cuts and a bruise later Christmas night alone from me visiting him. He doesn't mean to hurt anybody, he's just REALLY big for a lab and has A LOT of energy! :3
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@FourFurryPaws im so sorry to hear that no matter how small our pets are we grieve the same for them and love them all so much. hugs
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