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I have a 5 year old Pit / American Bulldog mix female which is the greatest dog that my wife or i have owned in our life, and we have got her a companion which is an Amstaff. Male, which is 1 hyper little arse more times than not, he is still a puppy at only 6 months old, and i laugh at him just as much as i get frustrated with him. but, he is now part of our family and love him to death.

House breaking him was a rough rough road. i was on the forums a few times asking for help. the last month our home was flooded and we were up in a hotel. but insurance would not pay for a kennel and we were able to take the dogs to the hotel, but with both of us working during the day we thought better not destroy a room.

leaving them home during the day and checking on them morning lunch time breaks and after work was.... difficult, and there were a few accidents in the house. we have a patio door and large deck that we we left open so they could go out and do their business. but still a few mistakes here and there.

My concern now is, everytime my dogs get to playing with each other, my puppy will stop mid play and pee where he is, then go back to playing.
is there a reason for this? is almost like a todler that is too wrapped up in what they are doing to go to the washroom and lets it go where they are as to not miss something on tv or in a game... lol
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