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Hello Everyone,

Thank you all in advanced for reading and responding. Let's get right into it. Not sure my vet knows what is going on, neither do we. We would appreciate some help.

- Husky Mix (Mostly Husky)
- 3 Years Old
- Male (Neutered)
- South Florida Region
- Overweight
- Genetic mange as puppy (Cured)
- Cherry Eye 2 years ago (Cured)
- Chewer - Typical things he gets a hold of (Lumber, Rarely Pressure Treated Lumber, Pine Branches, Oak Branches, Hickory Branches, Pecan Branches, Typical Backyard Stuff, ETC)

- Hairless Lumps over entire body, predominantly in armpits. One of the lumps is on his nose obstructing airways that is definitely something reducing quality of life.
- The dog is itchy over most of his body.
- Going on for approx 1 year
- Two times, randomly, the lumps have regressed for approx a month

Owner Action:
- Recently put dog on exercise regiment consisting of walks, jogging, and swimming in salt water.
- Reduced food to get weight under control
- Tried 4 different foods throughout the year, properly switching through foods. Listed in Order(Hills Science Diet, Merrick Grain Free Beef and Sweat Potato, Purian Pro Plan Focus Stomach Salmon and Rice, Currently Merrick Grain Free Lamb and Sweet Potato)
- We tried Benedryl based what most forums mentioned for dose size.

Vet Action:
- General dog care (flea meds, heart worm, ETC)
- 1st attempt to cure problem - Cortisone Steroid Shot and Strong Antibiotics Oral
- 2nd attempt to cure problem - Prednisone Oral (Followed Dose and Instructions) and Strong Antibiotics Oral
- Followups all throughout
- Problem persisted so they took a Biopsy.

Story Time
We are not sure what is going on with our dog. Our vet is doing what he can and we are going to seek more local professional eyes in the coming week. The dog honestly seems still happy and full of energy much like his breed should be. He is gives it more energy and excitement on our walks than our pit bull, but understandably we are frustrated he has to currently live with something like this.

Even if you don't have a medical recommendation, maybe tips on approaching vets with this information. Anything helps. Thank you all again.

Google Drive Link to Pictures and Biopsy Results

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I'm sorry that you and your Husky are having to go through this. A couple of things come to mind regarding the histiocytomas:
- has he been evaluated by a dermatology specialist? They may be able to get to the bottom of the actual cause of his tumours.
- has he been tested for autoimmune disorders? There has been some evidence to suggest that tumours (benign and neoplastic) may be immunologically triggered.

I would ask your own vet for a referral to a dermatologist and have a full evaluation done. They can also likely test for autoimmune responses, if they feel it's necessary.

In the short term, Benadryl is not an effective itch controller in some dogs (like mine!) and he may require a different antihistamine to help with that until a treatment plan can be formulated. Most of them are available over the counter, but there are a few that are prescription only.

Just out of curiosity, what was your reasoning for switching foods? If you suspect some type of "allergy" as the causation, the biggest offenders for food allergies are chicken, beef, wheat, corn and soy. You may want to look into foods that do not contain any of these ingredients. Although, true food sensitivities/allergies are usually to the protein source in the food and not grains.

I hope that you find some answers as to what is causing this condition in your buddy, it must be uncomfortable for him and worrying for you. Keep us updated.

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The biopsy results says excision (like the ones for testing) is generally curative. Is that a possibility?

My dog takes apoquel, an anti-itch medicine, from my vet, and benadryl. I don't know what he is allergic to.
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