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I have been letting everyone I know about a supplement for hip & joint stiffness. We've just started giving it to our 8 year old Rocky about 6 weeks ago and the results have been great. I've also recommended it to a friend who runs a rescue shelter and she loves it too.

A few months ago I researched a bunch of supplements and found Dasuquin ($80-$90) on Amazon. I found that a little too high so I kept looking of other supplements, which I found tons of. :(

I finally did all my homework and settled on Synovial Hip & Joint Flex and I couldn't be happier. It worked really well! Rocky loves the chicken liver flavor and I love that he can run up and down the stairs on all four legs again. :)

If your dog has problems, walking, running, or even sitting, you should try it. They have it on Amazon here. All the best! P.S. I believe it's for dogs over 40 pound.
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