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So Jessie might have to go on a dry food when get to UK temporarily till get raw food sorted/delivered, apart from wainwrights what other high quality brands are there? she needs grains in her diet like barley since it helps her colitis i dont want to take chances. Also cant have any of the following:

  • Chicken(allergic red skin itchy, dandruff , red ears etc)
  • beef(intolerant quick open those windows and get her outside for loose poos!)
  • lamb(intolerant mostly but was tad hair missing once when on raw lamb she really stank out the car with it parents were shocked)
  • duck(intolerant phew man open those windows)
  • fruits (makes urine ph go sky rocket)
  • veges(makes urine ph go sky rocket)
  • salmon/fish( lots of farts and she had anal gland infections thank goodness those things got taken out!)
We haven't tried pork yet but she can have rabbit, goat, venison unsure on turkey once gave her some turkey neck from pet store and had all these pus pimples on belly. Also needs to be low fat (9-10%)

Currently on raw diet of venison rabbit tripe , rabbit and goat. Also what about treats for her in the uk? looking at may 2016 atm just getting quotes for flights
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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