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I'm new to this forum because our 3 yr old family dog, COOPER, is not doing well and I'm trying EVERYTHING I can. He's an adorable mutt, 67 pounds in size and in love with our two young daughter. I'm just looking for some insight.

Last Friday (7/15) our dog started to throw up a few times and acted lethargic. This continued into the next day (Saturday) so we called the vet and were told if his behavior didn't change then we should bring him in on Monday (7/18)...So we did.
The vet ran a CDC test on him. His Liver values were through the roof and he had Jaundice.
ALT - 2,000+ u/l (did not register)
ALKP - 586 u/l
GGT - 31 u/l
TBIL - 7.8 mg/dl

After giving him fluids I immediately rushed him to the emergency vet.
They kept him overnight to administer fluids, run xrays, an ultrasound and more testing. Aside from high liver values in tests everything checked out ok. They tested for Lepto and that came back negative as well. 24 hours later he was eating, drinking and playing with staff. They decided to send him home with the following drugs and a followup blood test scheduled for a week later.

Augmentin 500 / 125mg
Metronidazole 250mg
Ondansetron 8mg
Denamarin 425mg

Here are the test results from Emer. Vet:
ALT - 868 u/l
ALKP - 442 u/l
GGT - 20 u/l
TBIL - 7.2 mg/dl

Our puppy seemed right at home for the next 12 hours.
Unfortunately, come the following morning (wed 7/20) he wasn't eating/drinking and threw up. Thinking it was the meds, our vet changed them for the following...

Metronidazole 250mg
Denamarin 425mg
Cerenia 160mg
Amoxicillin 750mg

Skip forward to Friday afternoon (7/21). Not much changed. He still wasn't eating/drinking very well. Brought him back to the vet. He was extremely dehydrated. After another blood test some of the values started to decline, while others increased.
ALT - 1868 u/l - now at least registering on the test. Still EXTREMELY HIGH.
ALKP - 647 u/l - Increased
GGT - 21 u/l - remained the same of Tuesday's test.
TBIL - 5.1 mg/dl - decreased but still high.

The vet then prescribed Prednisone to get him to eat and drink, as well as, a liter of SQ fluids each day for the next 4 days. She didn't seem very hopeful :(

Fast forward to today...SUNDAY 7/24.
The last two days have been great. He seemed to be his normal self.
Ate a whole chicken breast and drank roughly 2-3 bowls of water in the last 5 hours. Peeing regularly and pooped yesterday morning. He also hasn't thrown up since Wednesday.
I'm being EXTREMELY cautiously optimistic. The vet want to preform a biopsy but there is no way our young family can afford it. I was shocked when we were quoted $3500-$4000!!!
I love my dog and have been sick the last 72 hours (I have only ate 3 times!!)

I'm trying to give him the best care that I can afford.

We go back to the doctors for a follow up tomorrow but I wanted to turn to this community for advise. Is there ANYTHING ELSE I can do for him?
I've done nothing but search online for the last 3 days to learn more (don't worry...wouldn't do anything without the vet's consent).

Thank you!


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Under the circumstances you are covering it fairly well, but to really know why his liver is mis-behaving more tests, and probably that biopsy will be required. You might check with other Vets in the area to see if it can be done for less. Medical care & costs for our beloved dogs is very comparable to medical care for us. Another reason medical insurance for our pets is virtually a necessity.
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