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I'm posting to ask if anyone has any info or advice regarding my pups current condition. I have an 8 year old Australian Cattle dog/Blue heeler named Lola. She recently, about 2 weeks ago, developed a hacking cough that almost sounds like she's trying to cough something up or get something out of her throat. We took her into see the vet and he told us she has a heart murmur, which he didn't seem terribly concerned about, and also her liver enzymes were high. He would like to do an ultrasound but is out of town until next week. Meanwhile, I'm trying to do some research to see if there is anything I can do to help her.
Admittedly, since returning to school a few months ago, my availability to get her out for longer runs and exercise has diminished.

Does anyone have any experience with these conditions? I've been thinking of maybe putting her on a homemade dog food to ensure she's getting more/all the nutrients she might be missing from her current commercial dog food. I've also made her exercise a top priority the past week and intend to do so moving forward.

Any help or advice would be welcomed and appreciated!
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