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Hi Dog Forum!
I’m very happy to announce that I am officially a new member of the Dog Forum!
I’m very excited to see what’s going on, and I hope everything is going well for everyone!
My dog, Cookie, is doing very well.
Here is a quick bio of myself:
I’m a young girl who is obsessed with nature and everything it holds. Mostly, the animals. On Hamster Hideout, I love telling everyone my knowledge about hamsters. Anyone on here can ask me about hamsters too because my knowledge is right above the sky! :D
I also want to read about dogs and ask questions about my dog, Cookie.
I love holding all bugs and I really love reptiles. Yes, snakes as well! :)
I really enjoy reading and writing powerful stories from my imagination! (I have a strong one).
I have a 3 month old hamster Coco who is a syrian. She is brown and white. She's super-cute! Anyone message me for further details!
Also, I really want a cat.
And my cousin is Adam Lambert!
I love any music and I want to be a vet or singer when I'm older!
Passed pets:
Cutie, a Chinese Hamster who lived to 2.5 years old.
Bluemoon, a darkish blue beta fish (almost a year old. He passed from a sickness. I forgot what I was.)
Sunset Petal, a Rose Petal beta fish (4 months. Died from a sickness).
Heremy, my land hermit crab (8 months).
Lots and lots of fish
Direct message me if you're curious about further details!
Havenese Cookie <3!!

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