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My name is Brandy. I have an 11 month old Pomeranian. He is blonde and male, if you havent noticed me saying 'He'. He's energetic and crazy. Which all came tumbling down when we took him to the vet for a random limp and found out he has a torn legamint and needs surgery.

I spend alot of time to spend with him , and my bunny Babii. I enjoy playing Vollyball. Cooking and Scrapbooking. Also, recently i've been trying recipes for dog food and treats. Hopefully I'd like to start a buisness in it but that's only an Idea for now.

Sparky and Babii are usually never together.. if they are I watch closely because she is 2 and thinks of him as a 'silly pup' while she is calm, hes running around her. Eventually she will get made a growl... which makes him growl and I've never encounterd what happens next because their seperated at this point.

Sparky is my little theif. He enjoy's stealling all my stuff.. even if he has no intrest in it he'll take it and hide it. He actually went in my purse and found coated tylenol and licked off the red coating and walked away.. thank god he din't want anything more. He left a pretty hefty stain on the carpet from the disolved red EZ tylenol.

He's my baby, and I adore him .
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