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Hey there! I'm new here :)

I'm Maya. I'm 13 years old and I own 2 dogs (and a cat haha)!

Peanut is a 7 yr old deaf Chihuahua x. He did agility in the past, but never compete. He did a few demos at fairs though! Peanut can get his NTD, ITD and ATD title (I'm just too cheap to order them! haha)

Denver is a 14 week old Jack Russell Terrier x. He's starting in agility (just tunnel and slow weaves) and he's loving it so far! He's going to compete in the future and possibly do a few other sports (dock diving, disc dog, rally-o, flyball, barn hunt and freestlye/hwtm). He can get his NTD title so far (again, too cheap to order them! haha)
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