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Hi, New Member, Raw Feeding

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Hi guys

I'm living over in london uk, and have got a 4 month old jack russell male called rex!!

my first dog was a cross between jack russell and beagle, and he was an amazing dog!!!!! so clever

unfortunately, he developed cancer at the age of 12, and we decided to put him down shortly after, (he was fed commercial dog food, and cooked human leftovers)

10 years on, and rex is upon us

i have started to feed rex, on raw food, from a complete raw food company, and i have a puppy formula!! it came frozen, and i needed to defrost, and serve

at the start, it was hard to get him to eat raw food (designed for puppy) so i started sprinkling parmesan cheese over the raw meal, and now he loves it

my question is, is the parmesan ok to mix with raw meat for my dog???

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You can disagree with yourself regarding it being " Difficult "
I said it was complex and challenging to feed an adequately nutritional diet to a puppy.
Their is an element of ignorance surrounding raw food diets, a lot of people are jumping on this as the new fad and hopefully it wears off soon. !!!
To understand a puppies nutritional diet needs threw to adulthood is very complex, I assure you more than two hours a month is required. You should really research this subject thoroughly or i would suggest a kibble diet.
It might not be difficult to change a puppies diet to raw food if your not factoring in the quickly changing needs of that individual.
As for cheese in general, stay away from it, the cheese you are using is full of wood pulp and highly likely cotton.
I would strongly suggest considering this diet if your pup is already being a picky eater. I said to start this is not a unanimous vote, the argument is favourable to both sides if educating yourself in facts is important.
By the way i have used raw food diets, currently using kibble as its generally less time consuming.
Would be great to hear others views on this.
It's really not "complex" or "challenging" to feed raw. You simply feed, in VARIETY, mostly meat, some bone and some organ. That's all. Those three ingredients provide all the nutrients a dog needs. It's only as "complex" or "challenging" as you want to make it.

Raw feeding puppies is exactly the same, only they need more. As in, three to four times a day.
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Whatever food you decide on, stick with it and continue to offer without parm. He will eat it eventually.
thanks mate, the problem is, he is a growing 4 month puppy, so i can't wait around for him to eat it, as he needs his meals at this age

is there any other tips, other than parmazan that i can use, thats effective, and safe to use on a regular basis???
You don't have to wait around. Put the food down for about ten or fifteen minutes. Long enough to eat. If its not eaten, take it up and offer it at the next meal. I healthy dog will always eat at some point. They won't starve themselves. Hr is being picky, and you make it worse by " begging" and " sugar coating" it, as well as he is training you rather than the other way around.
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I really don't like the idea of adding things to get a dog to eat, like naturalfeddogs said, it makes for picky dogs. Trust me, I have first hand experience with it. But if you feel you have to you could try mixing in some fish or salmon oil. But NOT cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is high in vitamin A, which you can OD on if given too much. The fish oil has omega three fatty acids.
Or krill oil too, but its more expensive.
No need to cut up bones. They are best when given whole for amazing dental cleaning benefits. Cut bones also tend to create unusual jagged edges of bone, vs. the crunching done by the dog chewing.
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I wouldn't usually but in our case we have a tiny 14 year old Chihuahua who isn't strong enough to get through them on his own, he tries then gives up so we have no option, but yes much better to give them whole if possible.
You can try cornish hens. Also, with any bones like chicken or turkey you can use a hammer or kitchen mallet to smash them almost to bean bag consistancy. that way he will get bone and still be able to chew them. I have a friend who had a very old chi mix, who was missing a good many teeth. This was the only way she could feed her "whole" bone, and it was good for the teeth that were left as well.
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