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Hi, New Member, Raw Feeding

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Hi guys

I'm living over in london uk, and have got a 4 month old jack russell male called rex!!

my first dog was a cross between jack russell and beagle, and he was an amazing dog!!!!! so clever

unfortunately, he developed cancer at the age of 12, and we decided to put him down shortly after, (he was fed commercial dog food, and cooked human leftovers)

10 years on, and rex is upon us

i have started to feed rex, on raw food, from a complete raw food company, and i have a puppy formula!! it came frozen, and i needed to defrost, and serve

at the start, it was hard to get him to eat raw food (designed for puppy) so i started sprinkling parmesan cheese over the raw meal, and now he loves it

my question is, is the parmesan ok to mix with raw meat for my dog???

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Hi roboboyo,

I think a lot of people are now turning to raw food diets as a view point of being a better diet for dogs, this is a split view and not unanimous.
To satisfy a dogs nutritional needs with a raw food diet is very complex and challenging, not to forget time consuming.
I think this has to be a personal choice for any dog owner as if you get it wrong and your puppy does not get the vital nutrition it needs it can have severe consequences.
Cheese is made from milk which contains lactose. Science tells us canines are lactose intolerant.
If you are sure of this diet for your puppy and have researched thoroughly the requirements needed, good on you.
I would advice against the cheese and try a small spoon of probiotic yogurt which i have used myself and a proven winner. Dogs love it just as much as the cheese and a far safer alternative.

Let me know how the yogurt goes down.
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You can disagree with yourself regarding it being " Difficult "
I said it was complex and challenging to feed an adequately nutritional diet to a puppy.
Their is an element of ignorance surrounding raw food diets, a lot of people are jumping on this as the new fad and hopefully it wears off soon. !!!
To understand a puppies nutritional diet needs threw to adulthood is very complex, I assure you more than two hours a month is required. You should really research this subject thoroughly or i would suggest a kibble diet.
It might not be difficult to change a puppies diet to raw food if your not factoring in the quickly changing needs of that individual.
As for cheese in general, stay away from it, the cheese you are using is full of wood pulp and highly likely cotton.
I would strongly suggest considering this diet if your pup is already being a picky eater. I said to start this is not a unanimous vote, the argument is favourable to both sides if educating yourself in facts is important.
By the way i have used raw food diets, currently using kibble as its generally less time consuming.
Would be great to hear others views on this.
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Disagreeing that it's difficult was your own comment.

Ignorance by definition is poorly educated. Like Parmesan being fed to dogs as a means of giving a puppy a balanced and complete diet. Really poor advice. Quick check of Parmesan Cotten content and wood filler/pulp will be certainly in most store bought varieties.
My working dogs lived solely on just butchers scraps, diets tailored to individuals needs.
I'm sorry but it is a new fad, grain and meat leftovers in the 40's is all over the Internet, all about carbs.
It fails to mention that these grains are laced with insecticides which cause all kinds of nasties, same with fruit and veggies today which livestock/dogs eat. Unless organic.
This is not viable today, where as butchers scraps in the 40's or 50's was.
Kibble is a much better alternative today as people seek for ways to keep dogs going and on balanced diets.
I too welcome any other conflicting views.
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Your think. ?

Should OP give his 4 month old puppy Parmesan as a top up, to encourage it to eat it's raw food diet.?
What about when OP takes Parmesan out again. ?

This forum is ok for debate and discussion about dogs, in all manner of speaking.
If in doubt though, you should consult a specialist as a responsibility.
Especially where health and feeding issues are at play.
Its not negative thinking, we're not discussions a mouse as a diet for dogs or cats.
It's come about that people are clearly inexperienced and not knowledgable regarding dietary requirements of the pets.
I think it's unrealistic to suggest a trip to supermarket/high st to source ingredients then weigh specific amounts up to ensure balanced diet is obtained, then bag up, freeze, defrost amounts lasting a month can be obtained in a couple of hours.
Ordering raw foods in too is not something i agree with.
I use to feed raw diets to working lines as they thrived on high protein diets and low carbs.
Butchers now have to incinerate scraps and meat scrap quality is not what it was in the 40's or 50's. Back then dogs got the saying fit as a butchers dog.
Now I'm advised and share the opinion that a stable diet of a reputable brand of kibble is best for my canines. They will be healthier and live longer. When science and specialists recommend different I shall follow that advice. I feel i have some insurance then.
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This is where a matter of personal choice comes into it. Its certainly not cut and shut across the medical field.
Parmesan in any dose is not good for pups. If they are hungry they will eat, you can try safe ingredients to encourage a pup to eat, they don't have to be Parmesan which has lactose, which has Cotten and has wood pulp.
Agree to disagree here.
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