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Hi, New Member, Raw Feeding

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Hi guys

I'm living over in london uk, and have got a 4 month old jack russell male called rex!!

my first dog was a cross between jack russell and beagle, and he was an amazing dog!!!!! so clever

unfortunately, he developed cancer at the age of 12, and we decided to put him down shortly after, (he was fed commercial dog food, and cooked human leftovers)

10 years on, and rex is upon us

i have started to feed rex, on raw food, from a complete raw food company, and i have a puppy formula!! it came frozen, and i needed to defrost, and serve

at the start, it was hard to get him to eat raw food (designed for puppy) so i started sprinkling parmesan cheese over the raw meal, and now he loves it

my question is, is the parmesan ok to mix with raw meat for my dog???

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Raw feeding isn't difficult, the OP actually stated that they are purchasing the commercially supplied foods. Whatever your take is on that, to each their own...

I don't understand the negativity surrounding raw feeding of dogs or cats for that matter. If your dog catches and eats a mouse, are you going to call a vet? A friend has a large breed dog, vet figures it's full of allergies so now the dog is eating Purina Pro Plan hydrolyzed. Mmmmmm. Can you imagine living on this? I couldn't. See attached. Corn and soy are bought for what, $100 a ton?

OP, I doubt parmesan is going to cause any issue for your dog, parm is actually lower in lactose than other cheeses. Do you want to get your dog used to adding a treat to the food? That's the big question. I personally wouldn't.

I'm not sold on commercial raw, I still prefer to feed whole foods. Like dopple says, couple of hours a month prep work and you can have a load of foods in the freezer ready to go... And don't forget bone, it's a requirement in the diet, and it's natures toothbrush.


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