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Hi! :) I'm new to this forum! I joined because I really love dogs...and I just want to be able to ask questions when needed about my dog, Cookie. Let's start with introducing myself! I'm someone who loves reading & writing, and also adores nature and animals. :D I have saltwater and freshwater fish, a baby Slider turtle, a frog, a nine year old Havanese dog named Cookie and a short - haired Mink Banded Syrian Hamster named Coco! :p I used to have a Chinese hamster named Cutie, and some hermit crabs: Hermy and Crabby and even two betas named Sunset Petal and Bluemoon, but they all sadly passed away:(
I am very excited to be here! So see you around the forum, I guess!:huddle:

(Some of) My Pets~


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