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Who Am I?
I'm a single game creator living in switzerland!
I'm 32 years old.
I also have a pet(shih tzu, his name is teemzee) rescued from street.

Dog White Carnivore Dog breed Ear

I'm currently creating a PC game which is called 'dog simulator 2022'.
and finally completed creating the first version of it.
after few months I'm going to release this game on steam!

What is dog simulator?
The game stages consit of 7 days.
you're a temporary owner of the pet rescued from street.
for 7 days, you need to care the pet as you do in real life.
on the last day, you need to send your beloved dog to the local animal center.
maybe you're gonna cry! this is merely a game!

Reason I require alpha testers
I've found some issues that the game is not working on some computers even if this game doesn't require high quality desktop. and I need to know what to add and what to exclude from game contents.

Benefits for every alpha testers
1. free cd-key when the game is realsed on steam
2. amazon 50$ gift card(plaese use this for your dog) [accoring to limited budget I can only give amazon giftcard to 50 alpha testers chosen randomly]
3. I'm going to add dog model, if you send me your dog picture.

alpha test period

How do I apply for alpha testers?
just send me e-mail with game screenshots you've played or with screenshots of game errors.
screenshots of strange english sentences,words are ok(because I'm not american)
my email address:[email protected]
you must leave your email address to get rewards.
rewards will be sent in 7 days to your email. don't forget to send your dog picture if you want custom model of your dog.

Where can I download dog simulator?
the game is not realsed on steam yet.
you can download the game on mediafire now.

My Plan
I'm going to donate 100% profit from selling games to local pet rescue teams, pet care centers.
this plan is clear. I'm not going to use any of profits for my happiness.
So you may ask me why I'm creating a game without any benefits. because I'm a crazy dog lover.

I'm very sorry for my english skill. I'm not american and not good in english.
please let me know where to promote my game in the comment. reddit deletes my thread as soon as I post.


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