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My name is Terri, and I live in Baltimore, MD. Currently I have two dogs, 3 cats, and a horde of fish, also frequently in the mix is my parents' dog, Roxie. My dogs are both dachshunds, Annie is a smooth red, 17 yrs old and Buster is a smooth B/T, 10 yrs old. Annie doesn't do much these days, but was a super active pet til 15 years of age, and Bus is my current "go anywhere" dog and also just plain crazy :). Bus is also a therapy dog with a local TD org, we visit a nearby senior center 2x monthly. I also did TD visits with one of my previous dogs, who was an APBT, she is how I became involved, and Bus took over when she "retired".

When he's not pretending to be a good dog in public, Bus can be found raiding trash bins, breaking out of screen doors, stealing coffee, digging craters, and dragging out every toy from the toy bin in the hopes that someone (anyone) will play fetch with him! He is decent with other dogs as long as they don't start trouble or he doesn't have a chew (can be a resource guarder to other animals re: bones), and loves cats and kids despite having never lived with either til I got him at age 4. We sometimes play at tracking and obedience, but inconsistently enough that I doubt we'll ever be "ready" to trial. He loves to swim, and is in the water at every opportunity between the months of April-December, I think every dog bed in the house during those months has a pile of sand in the middle :eek:

Annie's current favorite activities would be eating, chewing bones, getting rubs/petting, and biting Bus for infractions upon her space/old dog dignity. She'll be 18 next week, and her heart and kidneys are not in the best of shape, vision/hearing aren't great, but she can "sense" activity in the kitchen just fine :D. She hates confinement of any type, and makes a sound that's been referred to by others as "dinosaur", "crying baby", and "dying animal", among others when crated or gated against her will. In her younger days, she was super active, and would play ball all day long if she had someone to throw it. She has never been particularly dog friendly, and also could be guardy of our yard/house when younger, though fine out in public.

I'm a receptionist for a vet, and usually take Bus with me, then kennel him there so I can take him out during non-busy times. My parents live in the house behind mine, and I drop Annie off to hang out with my mom while I work because she hates being kenneled. Often we "trade", and I leave Annie and take their dog, Roxie. Roxie's a min pin/chi type mix, and they inherited her from my grandmom last year. Typical old person's dog, she can be sweet and is often funny, but very used to getting her way, and unfortunately, not above using her teeth if she doesn't want something done. She has improved greatly though, and is able to do a lot of dog stuff with us.

My cats are This Cat (7 y/o B/W DSH), Vader (6 y/o black DLH), and Fathead (5 y/o DSH/Siamese). I found This Cat in my neighborhood while walking dogs (we have a large feral population on my block), both Vader and Fathead were from litters I took home from work to bottle feed- needless to say, I no longer bottle feed kittens from work :) They are all females, and- while I was afraid when I kept Fat that they might have conflict- are pretty friendly with each other, though the 3 AM play sessions can get rough, lol.

I don't have any recent pics online, but here's a few older ones

Annie, May '14

Annie, Sept '10

Bus, May '14

Bus, May '11 (his favorite water activity is fetching stuff from it- if you don't throw something, he'll find stuff on his own :eek:)

Annie, Bus, Roxie in March '14 (Roxie was 28# when my grandmom moved in with my parents in fall 2013, we got her down to around 15# and she looked great, but my Mom's let her pork back up to 19# or so- I'd guess she was around 25# here)

Annie & Bus, Sept '12

Annie & Bus, August '12

Annie & Bus, May '11
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