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Hey all,

First post! I am from Texas. My husband and I live on ten acres, with 2 horses, a cat, 3 ducks, 7 guineas, 50 chickens, and 21 miniature goats. :) He builds beautiful houses, and I am secretary at a wonderful humane society.

I was first hired for a Suite Care Attendant position (we have suites for the pets instead of kennels), but I found out that groups of dogs terrify me. I figured my boss would want me to quit since I couldn't do the job they hired me for, but (amazingly) she wanted me to stay, and they gave me a front desk position, which I love.

The deal is, if an animal is my own, I'm good. But I am very timid around animals that are not mine.

Anyway, about a month ago, we adopted Fred, a 6 year old Australian Shepherd mix, from a rescue group (not affiliated with my work). I am here in hopes of finding some advice, encouragement, and moral support on a few things. :eek:

Thanks, and hi :wave: Looking forward to meeting the folks here!
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