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Phew it's been so busy here, I want to share some of their antics and how Lily is learning, but I hardly get a chance at all! I know those who have brought a new puppy home all agree how difficult it is to get a moment to yourself. But totally worth it right?

Ok, Lily is getting so big so fast! In the 1st week she had gained 1 pound so she was a whopping 5 lbs on Friday and I haven't weighed her since then but she is feeling bigger/ heavier/stronger everyday, almost like I can see her growing in one day.

Her nickname is Monkey. Monkey see monkey do! I tried to block access to the hallway so I could keep a better eye on Lily for house training purposes. So I used pillows and jammed them across the hallway entrance. My husband was holding Lily in his arms watching the whole thing. Then I showed Ozzy he could just jump over the pillows by doing his 'over' cue both ways. Lily was watching closely to the whole thing. My husband put her down and what was the 1st thing she did? Yep, over the pillows she crawled....🙄 lol! That was a while ago, last week sometime because I'm laughing looking back thinking the pillows would hold her back 🤣 She is climbing every thing she can and wants to do every thing Ozzy does!

Well that's it for my time to myself lol, I'll leave you with a video of them playing downstairs
Looks like they are having a blast! Told you that 2 dogs are better than one!
1 - 4 of 174 Posts