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So I have a six year old pekingese poodle mix, Timmy.

We've had a lot of change in our lives in the last seven months. I separated from my ex and moved across the state. I left my eight year old pug with my ex.

Timmy has always had issues with socialization, which many dogs also have. But now he's exhibiting very strange behavior, especially when we got out for walks. He sniffs and stares (for a very long time) at every person that passes by. He stops and barks at any dog that he sees. He's also become very slow, taking his time sniffing every corner, pole, etc. When I pull him on the leash he resists very strongly. He has never been like this before.

Is there something wrong with him? Is it because of the separation or age? Am I looking too much into this?

I would really love some guidance.
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