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Hello Dear Forum Members!

I am new on here and wanted to write this post in regards to Hemangiosarcoma and the supplements that I've used for my boy. My beloved chocolate lab Xane just passed away last Saturday due to this nasty cancer. When he was first diagnosed with HSA in September due to collapsing because he had an internal bleeding (ultrasound found tumor in his heart), I was suggested to euthanize him but I didn't. I also opted out of doing any radiation or chemo as I wanted to allow my boy the best quality of life for as long as he had left. I then put him on a lot of alternative treatment methods as well as special cancer diet and believe those were what prolonged his life for 1.5 months without any chemical involvement. He was never in pain and had the best quality of life until the last day when he crossed over.

The reason why I wanted to write this post is in case there are other dog owners who are faced with this evil cancer and need help. I have done an extensive research and have a ton of information on the natural remedies, including cancer diet that I can share. Additionally, when Xane was still with me, I purchased a ton of supplements and now have leftovers that if anyone needs, I can offer to you at much cheaper than what any local vets sell them for. In particular, Yunnan Baiyao - a Chinese herb that's been proven to stop the bleeding and is used as a blood stasis breaker. I guarantee its authenticity as I purchased it from the original Chinese manufacturer. I have over 100 boxes left (expiration date is 2022) and would hate for them to go to waste if there is a pet parent in need of it. My vet was charging me $19 per box and I found it for 1/3 of that price. I am in Los Angeles, CA so if you also live here, I can just arrange for a local pickup/drop off...I have other things that Xane was on during his battle with Hemangio - Dr. Harvey's CoEnzyme Q10 (1 bottle and a half left), Ge Zhe Xia Yu Tang - another great Chinese herb that is primarily used for cardio and spleen HSA, Concentrated Stasis Breaker (1 and a half bottles left), Apocaps by Dr. Wressler (he also created a great cancer diet - read his book if you want to know more - Dog Cancer Survival Guide - I have his e-book that I can send you for free, just contact me). I have 1 new unopened bottle of Apocaps and another bottle with 77 pills left.

Anyways, I was hoping that there is someone who may need these supplements. It's a horrible devastating cancer and my heart goes to any pet parent who is dealing with it. If you would like more information, please contact me here. My heart goes to you and I am sending you my prayers and healing energy.
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