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Helpful Training Videos and Articles

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These are some great videos to help with all types of training we all can do with our dogs. :)

I know these are just a few of the great videos out there so if anyone has another video they would like to post, please let us know! :)

Any articles/videos that promote dangerous/harmful techniques will not be posted:
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Positive Interruptors

This video demonstrates how to teach the "drop it" command.

Stop puppies biting.

How to stop a dog jumping up.
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Some of this will be a bit of a repeat from some of the other stickies, but here is what I have been reading and watching this week. :)

Dominance Theory and how dogs actually learn

Teaching a dog to love baths

Teaching a dog to enjoy nail clippings

Chirag Patel's Bucket Game
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A very easy way to teach sits, downs, and stay at a distance. :)
Dogs do need to understand these cues before you can do this though!

A nice series on "Puppy Skills". :)
Includes things that may even me useful for adult dogs!;)
Some good notes from the Clicker Expo 2013:

Clicker Expo 2013
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